Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poetry in the Night

Its inevitable
that you are so edible

I bite your neck
thirsty for your honey
I will twist and dance
but I won't take your money

This is a pure romance
we don't need
tickets to France
all I want is you
and whats inside your pants

More then words can say
You take my breath away
You paint me into a picture
when we kiss
we blow out the light fixture

The fuse explodes
pieces of glass fall to our lashes
Not even caring if the whole house
falls down and crashes

I've got you by the hair
teeth in place
you moan as I tare
In and out of ecstasy
where we go
we don't care

I plan on keeping your heart in my pocket
There is no way to unlock it
There is no Key
The only way in
Is me

Sassy and alive
Your love is my internal drive
I push you to the floor
stilettos to puncture your core
you yell for more more and more

I slap you with my glove
4 times, our code for love
what we do at night
behind the door
sure as hell if we got paid
we could feed the poor

I told you
you were mine for the taking
to souls molded in the making
After the nights over
your toes curl and you can't stop shaking
I lay down my wall
I look into your eyes
I tell you "baby don't worry, I'll love you,
even after our Demise"

Written by: Pandora Sparrow aka DRF

I dedicate this poem I just now made up to the man I am marrying and as a teen we prospered and grew up....never knowing that love would end up in our laps, friends for life and lovers forever! love you Josh!

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