Sunday, December 19, 2010

A night before the full moon of babel

I am sad
I am weak
I have barbells holding down my feet
I have words
I have lies
I have my hands behind my back in zip ties
I have a gift
I can sing
I am talent still trying to make the door bell ring
I am nice
I am sweet
I have a problem with how much I eat
I am short
I am pale
I have pipes which I have been told can "wail"
I have had men
I have had woman
I have had em all but can not win em
I am creative
I am strong
I have over used the phrase "whats wrong"
I am hurt
I am torn
I was delighted and proud when my son was born
I am kind
I am weird
I do not date men with a beard
I like oysters
I like crab
I know you think this poem in drab
I like to write
I like to ramble
I am done with this poetic babel......

What I was thinking....well here it is, nothing in particular.

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