Sunday, September 19, 2010

The pack takes on the past......

Have you ever had a horrible fall out with a friend in the past and then they tried to place themselves back in your life some odd years later? It's like putting the trash out one day and several years later the trash man comes back and throws it at your door for no apparent reason and now you gotta clean up all that nasty ass trash from ages ago. Yes I know, what an odd way to put it, but I just feel the past was labeled as the past for a reason.

So here is the scoop on my mind. Ten years ago when I was young and angry at anyone who did me or my loved ones wrong and thought violence was a great way to fix a stupid situation, came across just that, a stupid situation. Let me tell you a little story about a girl, her douche bag man, a so called friend, the real friends and a Jack n' the box ass beating.***ALL NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR IDENTITY REASONS***

One fine night while hanging with the girls, Sarah was having something all smart woman have called "intuition" and decided to announce it. "Damn I can't stop thinking like something is wrong in my life or someone is doing me wrong" and at the very moment Kelly jumped up and yelled " OKAY! I can't handle it anymore, Cathy has been talking to your man behind your back and trying to get people to have a threesome with him and her!!!" Sarah, heated with rage, flew off the couch "where is that Bitch?" Kelly told her that she was at Kara's house two towns over and that she was expecting Kelly to come pick her up on her way back home. Sarah had different plan in mind. Something Cathy wasn't expecting, or was she?

All four girls hoped into Sarah's Honda, Sarah the driver, Kelly as passenger, Mary and Shanna in the back seat, all anticipating what might happen. Speeding down the highway, Kelly told Sarah everything she had confessed to her by Cathy and how its been eating at her for a week now since she knows it was wrong of Cathy and she felt so bad for Sarah. The car vibe was filled with screams, cuss words mama wouldn't approve of and so much angry estrogen that a pharmacy could bottle up and sell as a years worth of birth control pills.

Finally they all arrived at Kara's and Sarah advised Kelly to get into the back seat so Cathy could have passenger, which was a seat Cathy never got due to her slow reaction when everyone yelled "shotgun". As Cathy came out of Kara's house cheery and happy to see everyone there to pick her up, she happily walked to the back of the car to get in until Sarah rolled her window down and so calm and peacefully said " Cathy its your lucky day, you get shotgun." Immediately Cathy looked shocked "Are you sure?" She asked with a quiver in her voice. "Ya I am sure, get on in girl." Cathy walked around the car with a worried look on her face as Sarah rolled her window up and everyone started whispering all the "oh shits" they could before Cathy got into the car.

Cathy was in the car not even five minutes before the doors where locked and she opened her dumb mouth and said " Its nice to see you Sarah, I am so ha..." BANG! Sarah shoved her head against the passenger window and let the words fly. "Why the hell are you messing with my man behind my back? I had a feeling someone around here was shady and I damn well knew he was but to have my own friend BEHIND my back trying to put together friendly fuck parties, IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!" Sarah didn't drive towards home, she drove further away from home because even she was being rash and didn't have a clue as to where the evening was taking them all.

Thirty-five minutes of yelling and slapping continued in the Honda, while Cathy sobbed and screamed how sorry she was and how she didn't have any sort of explanation for any of this. "Is this how you treat friends? Is it BITCH??" Sarah screamed at Cathy for the hundredth time followed by a good smack yet again to the face and a smash against the window. Cathy then decided her sobs were not enough and her true idiocy came out "If you would just take care of your man..." BAM! Sarah had slammed on the breaks at the major intersection and slapped Cathy so hard her own hand stung. Just as her rage fired up more Cathy took the time to jump out of the car and run out into the intersection and over to the Jack N' the box. All the girls irrupted in "hell No's" as Sarah whipped into the fast food joint right into a parking spot. She yanked the keys out of the ignition and told the girls to just hold on a second. Slamming the car door she could still hear the girls commotion from outside the car. Cathy didn't think she was safe here did she, thought Sarah? Cathy was in for yet another pissed off friend surprise.

Sarah stormed into the food chain and looked around, she knew she wouldn't just be sitting in the dining area, no way, she was hiding like the coward she was. In the bathroom is where Sarah found her, sobbing and screaming "leave me alone" from inside a locked stall. Sarah wasn't a bit turned around by her cries for "alone time" this was just the right words to instigate her flames a bit higher.

Jumping over the neighboring stall into Cathy's stall of terror, Sarah got right into Cathy's face and gave a few more words of choice and then threw her against the wall to tell her nose to nose "I wouldn't have known you were such a cunt if it wasn't for the loyalty of Kelly and her right mind to tell me about your shit!" Cathy became cocky one more time by opening her mouth to say " Kelly was supposed to be my friend, how dumb of her to tell you!" Sarah knew this would tick off Kelly and the rest of the Vagina squad, so she pushed Cathy to the floor "Tell Kelly that to her face." Running back to the car ignoring what the Cashier was saying behind her, Sarah opened the car door letting Kelly and the others in on what just happened. Kelly raged and ready to get off her chest what had been eating at her, jumped out of the car and everyone followed her back inside to find Cathy still in her locked tear flowing stall.

All Four girls jumped into the stall and gave her the full blown reaming they all thought she deserved. Kelly the most furious at this point, Sarah holding Cathy against the stalls stinky toilet, Shanna yelling "hit her, HIT HER" and Mary throwing in a few snobby remarks just to make sure Cathy knew she was displeased as well, yet not the angry type.

Slapped, shoved, degraded, cussed out, bullied, physically and internally injured Cathy sprawled across the stalls dirty floor. All four girls took one last look at her, dusted off their palms, unlocked the stall and walked out, one by one. Sarah in the lead, Kelly and Shanna right behind, Mary at the tail end. Just as they were about to walk out the door the cashier came flying into the bathroom "Someone has called the cops on you girls, you better get out of here!" Just then Mary turned to Cathy and said " You belong in this toilet like the living piece of shit you are!"

Calmly they all walked back to the Honda with a different look on their faces, a look of release, a look of loyalty to one another, a look of defeat. They all knew each other too well and that the weak link to the pack had been bleed out like a forgotten menstrual cycle.


Wrote by Pandora Inspired by past true events....10 years ago.

*Just a hint: Pandora's name in this story is "Sarah"*

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