Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Under a spell

Tight leather corset
Choking my skin
I can't see where the laces end
or where do they begin

Lace crotchless nylons
ripped by teeth around my thighs
Torn to shreds
but still clinging wet to my body
to my suprise

I will boil my red fuck me heels
till they turn to white
Maybe they will go with my next naughty outfit...
Tomorrow night..

Let him pull my hair
and touch me here and there
Or chain him to the metal posts
and whip him with my hair

I won't even check the time
or take the steaming and screaming tea pot off the stove
I may just let it screach till hours late
so the steam stops
and I let the water evaporate

Dusting off my seductive words
and reaching for the sage
I know tonights fun torture
will mold him into my silk sheet slave

How beautiful sex is, in candle light orange and red
You flicker like a picture show
Not on a big screen, but danceing in my bed

So who will you be tonight
and who am I as well
Sweet salty kisses and Your body under my spell
MUAH ****

Wrote by me: Pandora Renea *COPYRIGHT*

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