Friday, July 26, 2013

A mind in denial

Perfection is what she prefers Even though it doesn't exist She denies this fact Much harder "she now insists" Quiet talks Dominating shots Longing for a change in the people The people she loves Instead of looking at her beauty within Anything that makes a person unique If its not her taste then how dare they be her kin Just full of diversity She calls upon all sun No way to please the elder of her fantasy family But we love her so Hoping one day she shall take a breath Open her eyes and see See what she has through the glass window Running through the negative grudges She's been holding in her hands She knows its time to bury its darkness Bury it deep, deep into the sands Because perfection is never real, Only love may help her understand..... Wrote by me; pandora sparrow Hope you enjoyed my poem and plz let me know how you interpret or how it made you feel?? Wrote on 11/26/2009 yet found in the vault today.

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