Sunday, May 17, 2015

When people take facebook to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

So here I am...back on my blog which whom I left hanging many, many years now. I apologize but think I know what happened, in this order; 1) I had some life crap that kept me busy minded and stole my soul 2) I became a Facebook frequenter daily 3) I also forgot my log on info.....big one here! lol While I was away many things transpired and pulled me in so many directions I now feel like I am finally starting to collect those missing body parts. So what brings me back you ask? I think its the desire to type and spit out nonsense again or I was inspired by a few events that happened over mothers day weekend and this week. These events were caused by Facebook....or shall I say the faces of the book of faces lol. How do you see Facebook? I see it as a social connection of many people being "Fakebookers" most of the time or just people who truly use it for social or networking purposes, but not all, there are the good Ol' stalkers who use Facebook to pin point ones life without even talking to them in person just assuming or judging. This is poor taste as far as I am concerned. My Facebook is purely for my own amusement only and networking for my business and goofing around but never negativity or anything to the point of inappropriately distasteful just me being me. Believe me I hold back on some things id like to post just for the sheer fact I don't want my son to see it or get into any unwanted dramas via typing. Ok, so lets just go into what happened. First off a family member who never talks to me nor calls me on birthdays etc supposedly looks at my Facebook and thinks I have posted some inappropriate things or stated things like "my mans coming over to make me feel good tonight" when really it was " my mans coming over and I am feeling good and happy to see him" but either way FUCK IT I should of wrote the first one just to do what I want...ya know. This bothered me when I keep my Facebook nice and positive and someone wants to go and spread family rumors (whether they are or not, just blown out of proportion) it really isn't cool to judge and gossip. Then to set matters worse my moms mans brother decided to tell his brother the posting I post isn't going to get me a funny because my Facebook page isn't even my legal name so jobs can't find me, I am not dumb or thrown off the tuna boat yesterday! He is so petty, maybe if people don't like my Facebook they should um.......DELETE ME! UNFRIEND ME!!! I could care less because I have no interest in haters joining hater-ation or the "if its on Facebook than its so real," give it a break already people..... NO ONE CARES!!!!!! Id love to hear your Facebook issues and concerns with today's technology, I am sure you have all witnessed some social media hate or drama at some point in time. Written by: Pandora Renea

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