Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't dance with the outspoken......

.....If you can't handle whats spoken!

My advice for people who ask for advice, questions, concerns, or just plain talk in general. I am on of those OUTspoken individuals. I have been a very honest OUTspoken woman since I was able to talk...well I will say I have done some lying yes but childhood years and teenage years (to your parents) doesn't count **Giggle giggle**.

So today I feel the need to write about the people that can't handle anything being said to them unless they agree with it or it benefits them. I have watched this behavior for way to long and vented to my close friends time after time again. Those friends so loyally listened with an open perspective or just was an ear for me to fill, and some vented right on back, which I openly listened and appreciated the fact my friends feel comfortable with me to say whatever they want. I admire that in them. I am that kind of friend, I speak my mind too and my real friends admire that in me as well. We are all human and we all have opinions, to hold them in would be a waste of time.

Then there are the people who don't like to listen nor like an opinion or advice or words at all if it doesn't pertain to their state of living or so called "being on their side." I have realized these are some sad minded people and should really try taking themselves off their thrown and looking at us simple folk with kind eyes and an open heart....but instead they look past us for someone with an open wallet or submissive slave like trait. Your probably reading this and thinking " wow she is really crapping out of her mouth and onto the computer" but that is how I feel when it comes to certain selfish people.

I have a story for you that you may or may not relate to. The names in this story are changed. So if its your name.....don't jump into self assumption and if you do....you may have some guilt to deal with.

Nancy and Beth were having some issues and Carla was in the middle of the fight. Beth won't talk to Nancy for reasons unknown, she also decide to leave Carla alone as well. Carla became very concerned and was curious as to what was going on with her friend, so she asked Nancy. Nancy said " she needs space and sooner or later she will come around." So Carla stayed distant but still let Beth know she was there for her when she was ready to talk or needed a shoulder to melt on. Later down the road Nancy stated Beth was completely ignoring her and she wasn't happy about it one bit. Venting to Carla about how rude it was to be ignored by Beth, Carla said " we just need to give her the space she needs, you said so yourself, don't worry she will come around" Nancy was not looking for this response, she was looking for a reason....at least that is what Carla thought. Nancy snapped back stating how much more this hurt her then it could hurt Carla and Carla has no room to talk. Being thrown back by this Carla asked Nancy what did she expect her to say, Nancy said "who's fucking side are you on anyway" Carla didn't need this mess and ended the conversation fast.

Several weeks went by and daily Nancy called requesting info on Beth's whereabouts and assumed she was hanging with this and that person but not Nancy and kept harassing Carla and Carla's outside friends whom knew nothing of what was going on. Any time Nancy needed something she would call Carla and then if she didn't get what she wanted she then switched the subject to vent on about Beth. Carla can't get a word in or help in anyway or share her concerns because the minute she says something Nancy would take it the wrong way and assume the worst and treat Carla with disrespect. To end the story short......Beth is still not speaking to Nancy and nor is Carla......Beth and Carla are now speaking and do not discuss the Nancy situation so that they can move forward in life and go from there.

What are your thoughts on this story? What is Carla's personality type? What is Nancy's? What happens when you only think of yourself and push aside the people you so call care about?

I being one of those OUTspoke gals and open minded am OPEN to your feedback and strongly urge it. I for one am moving forward in life and positivity is my goal.

Something wicked this was comes.....her name is PANDORA RENEA!

Sweet lolly pops and chocolate truffles!
Pandora Renea

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