Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pandora's box of poetic flow

There was a girl named Ell
Imaginary and swell

Seemed a sincere friend
Claiming we were sisters till the end

Trusting too quick
as I had before
I was there every time she cried
Fists pounding bloody on my door

Letting the tears drain with friendship chains
Wrapped around my brain
Day by day things escalated to insane

Her cries were of a man
poison dripping from her eyes
She yelled how much of his cock
She despised

Hugs to warm her heart
Songs to cheer her mood
Long talks and I had shown her the uncrude

She spied the man
Whom was happy with me
Imaginary Ell turned slave to Queen Jealousy

Corrupted moments of sorrow
Her tears not of him
Yet now staining me
Wanting all my time
Yearning to be my twisted crime

Adultery Fled through her veins
didn't know it was my neck
she'd love to hold in reins

A dark grave, her teeth like a shark
We smoked cloves in the park
I wanted to fly away or fade to black
become the shadows in the dark

High in the sky
I watched my night bird fly by
I yelled at the shadows
who didn't look back at me
nor even try

I aimed to run
far from this imaginary nun
but to much had begun

So much blood dripped down my thighs
drunken moments, blades in motion
All this only to escape my own cries

Telling me I was a faint dream
First a whisper
Then a scream

Speaking my mind
telling her no-rewind

Black filled her eyes
grasping my kindness
Determined to push me into my

I took my key from her hand
She started to whither and fall from her stand

Fingers outstretched
for me
To hold her hand
Her madness was already too old

Walking away
Never turning back
I heard her heart break
I heard her heart crack

Walking a line of fire Imaginary Ell
It was you I had to retire

Draining my well
as far as you fell
I stood my ground
the roots I hold at bound

My imaginary Ell
It is now you I despise
I cherish the silence
Are you surprised?
Because like air I rise.

Pandora Renea 12/2009 **COPYRIGHT**

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