Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to my planet pandora.

Hello new readers (literally new since I am new on this sight)!

I am Pandora Renea....lets see what can I tell you about myself with out making it one huge novel.OK so I am 27 technically but turn 28 on April 2ND...that's right I am not a fool I was just born after all of them and then have had my foolish moments.
Anyways, moving right along...I am a mother of one handsome and emotional 6yo boy, he is a cancer and if you know astrology you would know this Aries mama has her hands full of sensitivity and emotional roller-coasters. He is the love of my life and the very reason I wake up at the crack of 5am to get ready for work and to get him to school as well. He is dealing with the hardships and wonders of first grade, all the bullies and all the cootie discussion to last a elementary life time.

Then there is my man whom I so dearly love and have been close friends for 16yrs now and the hitch on our relationship that makes it a "blog for a later date" is that I dated his crazy stubborn brother in 1999 (one of my foolish moments in time) and my man doesn't even hold that against me...which is one of a million reasons why I love him and his character.....more to come on that.

I also have two cats names Meesha and Pookie. Quick intro to these two fur bags. Meesha is the cat I rescued from death row and by her mood swings and her playing hard to get tells me she isn't to grateful of me and my bail out skills to get her a nice home. She is a blog in itself....believe me she is one crafty sneaky kitty. I think she visits Satan's lair when she needs a re-up on "badassery." Then there is dear sweet pookie, the princess of power, the cat with a purpose. "what purpose you ask?" Why its the purpose of seeing how spoiled her daddy and mommy (my man and I) will let her get...mainly daddy. She has crazy Lil quirks that she makes sure get fixed with in the minute of NOW. She is a talker too so if you don't give her what she wants then she will yell at you in the cat scream and find ways to run in front of you while you walk so that you so conveniently get tripped by her slick skittzy moves.

So enough of that little family run through. I have wrote all I can write at this time and later I will be back to intro more of myself since I kinda veered away from that in the first place and wrote other shenanigans....Hence the name of Pandora's blogs.

Later to you all.......blogging soon at a near you!!!!

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