Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cursed and Weights on my chest

Gulping for air
You choke me half way there

I open my mouth to breath
But my vocal chords you squeeze

Barely can I scream
Is this haze a dream?

Black and blue eyes
Hands behind my back tied

Blood fills up my lung
Causeing me to bite in half my own tongue

How dare you touch me so harsh
Infront of my son
Piercing his innocent eyes
With what could of been my demise

With evil and fear
The high pitch screams echoing in his ear

How dare you apologize for turning me blue
Did you really think after that I'd still stay with you?

You tore at my body
Like you were digging up dirt
Open wounds and flesh
makeing me hurt

All this in the first five minutes or so
What happened those 3 hours after?
I will never know

My mind filtered out the worst
But my pain is so little compared to how much your life will forever be CURSED!

COPYWRITE: Pandora Renea FitzGerald

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