Monday, May 10, 2010

People with abusive lifestyles piss me off!

What is with these people who scare the crap out of thier loved ones by being so stubborn and verbally abusive or physically abusive? These assholes keep on acting out with rash crazy behavior and then those loved ones turn timid and walk on eggshells around them. I hate it! Its not my cup of tea.

There is an individual I am highly looking down upon and this blog is about them. I am not stateing any names due to how these things lead to life drama and I don't need that. I got enough as it is! Manipulation is one thing I hate in these abusive people and they all seem to share this trait, some worse then others. This ass can scream and yell and punch holes in his walls and trash thier own home while treating the people around to help calm the issue like walking shit bags and not feel a day of single guilt. If they do apologize its weeks later and its a lame ass sympathy apology and then a "hey can you do this for me because I am so depressed right now?" Then the loved one ends up doing what they need because A) they fell for the lame apology yet again and think they are a changed individual over night B) They are hoping for a change C) they are to scared to say no in the first place due to other days of saying no and getting the guilt trip, there for getting verbally thrashed.

I hate watching this happen and being the one to say No! Don't fall for it! Don't answer your phone or text! Let the grown up GROW UP! You can't change them! They only want you to argue with them! Don't look at the messages and feel bad its not your fault! I just have watched this go on for to long and watched how much these people I care about get hurt every single time. I know they love them but sometimes you just can't do anything else to help them. They are grown adults that have made thier own choices and treat the people they know who care about them like a couple of rugs and that is no way to treat your loved ones. But they will continue if you constantly give in and let them treat you this way. I can't express this lesson enough.

I know this blog is completely a rant and rave. Yes that is exactly what it is because I have yelled about it long enough and needed to type till my fingers bleed.

Let me know if you have any feed back, I'd love to hear other stories and advice for these people I so dearly care about with foot prints on thier backs.

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