Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hawk and the Mouse

Surrounded by thorns and branches she couldn’t get around, even with a machete. One was to run through the overgrowth scrapping and pricking her body as if she was using it to read the branches and thorns by brail. Stopping to look at where the path had brought her, she noticed a mouse nibbling on a shell of some kind 2 inches away from her boot. Watching its tiny nose move vigorously while it snacked and every few moments held the parcel tight and glanced around in a paranoid fashion. She leaned closer to touch the miniature creature, so fast and yet so untrusting, but curious as much as she was.

Closer she leaned, arms and fingers outstretched. She leaned till her toes felt the pull all the way up her shin. Right as her fingers inched towards the mouse’s nose the mouse was gone. In a blink of an eye she looked around nervously holding the half chewed nut in her hand, looking for the creature so small. She looked up and that is when she saw it. A huge hawk had swept down faster than the mind’s eye could even comprehend and taken the mouse with him high in the sky. Not as a ride to sore and look for more parcels but to be today’s snack or dinner. Nothing was the same, not even the mouse or the thorns surrounding her. The bushes opened up exposing a cliff, below that cliff was more thorns and dead branches, where someone would never be found if dropped. Just then she heard the hawk soreing above announcing his mouse trophy and just like that he dropped him down into the thorns, not eating him nor savoring him, but sacrificing him.

She closed her eyes and Jumped off the cliff, soreing like the hawk with wind in her hair, sacrificing her body to the thorns like the mouse, she soon would be engulfed in bloody thorns holding her up like a delicate display twisted around her body. The breeze, the smells, the fast rush in her ears, the thoughts and memories rushing through her head, the dreams flashing like a bad movie—then the black, the silence of black.

Short story by Pandora Renea AKA Darah FitzGerald !!!!COPYRIGHT!!!!

Q: What do you take from this story?

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